Specifications for press ad exchange

Six press magazine advertising agencies, united within the Technical committee of the APPM, agreed on the choice of a common standard for printing material to receive from agencies. They chose as common denominator the high-resolution pdf. They used the recommendations of the international entreaties of standardization, notably on the Ghent PDF WorkGroup.

This work lined up in the website, recommends minimum common and recognized specifications for ad material exchange by the whole graphic chain : advertisement agencies, UNIC, GhentWorkgroup, ECI, Publishers, printers, repro-house, ISO…

If in doubt on a technical aspect or for any extra information on these specifications, please contact the appropriate advertising agencies.

You have direct access by the opposite links to :

PDF specifications :

  • Specifications
  • Settings from the main prepress applications on downloading

Proofing specifications :

  • Recommended profiles
  • Colour scale standards
  • Prepress technical standards

Data transmission specifications (AdTicket) :

  • Explanations and tools dedicated to advertising files exchange

The magazine files of the advertising agencies will be available for download along with the advertising rates for 2010, from the 6th of November on www.tarifspresse.com

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